Privacy and AI Regulation: Children Lead the Way

It’s hard to argue against protecting children, even for politicians and lobbyists. Recent and planned legislation targeted at protecting children online is proliferating. Be ready for more. Here’s the latest from New York. The FTC is on the prowl for new/revised child protections as well.

How and what should I do with AI?

Here’s our 3 tier perspective on new AI adoption for businesses. 1) Productivity AI- This is enabling your employees to optimize their day-to-day work. It’s about responsible deployment and management of AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Co-Pilot, as well as the enormous array of job/task-specific AI tools emerging. The AI is general, as opposed to … Read more

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Client CEO asks: “Will THIS AI sales app help my sales team?”

As a management consultant spanning multiple areas, including AI, sales, cyber, privacy), I come across both big and small questions. My client, a large enterprise, originated from my sales training background. They are thinking about AI, but the company is not ready for significant AI adoption (data quality, maturity, etc). In the meantime, like most companies, his employees … Read more

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AI Risk… What’s That? Supply Chain Risks

As an AI Risk and Governance management consultant, I’m often met with confusion: “What the heck is AI risk?” Most AI industry participants are focused on the innovation side. Don’t forget about AI risk management. While there are new and novel risks in AI development, most companies should start with the basics. 1)     Deploy an employee Acceptable … Read more

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Enable your employees with AI via Microsoft CoPilot? Not so fast.

Empowering employees with AI productivity tools is a low-hanging fruit for businesses venturing into AI adoption. Let’s face it, most employees are likely already experimenting with ChatGPT or similar applications. (A friendly reminder to add an AI Acceptable Use Policy to your employee handbook.) In this realm, Microsoft CoPilot often emerges as a contender, promising … Read more

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