Our services range from ala-cart consulting to leading formal AI, Privacy or Security strategy and program development. Formal programs are customized based on your starting point and target. Across all services we focus on helping clients manage risk and compliance, based on your priorities and economics.


We’re here to compliment your existing team with category-specific expertise and an independent, objective perspective. We can help on a comprehensive, program development basis, or on specific program elements.

Risk and Gap Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessments

AI Conformity Assessments

Policy and Process Development

Incident Response and Risk Management Plans

Data Flow and Data Inventory

Privacy Notices, Data Subject Request, Breach Notification, Record of Processing Activities

vDPO, vCISO Services

Program Leadership

Our clients often have multiple and diverse responsibilities, focused on their own business. CodeBook AI can take ownership of your compliance initiative, driving for deliberate results and timelines. We can help build, mature or operate your program.

Privacy Program Development

Artificial Intelligence Program Development

Cyber Security Program Development

Internal and External Audit Support

Awareness & Training

AI, Privacy and security require awareness and vigilance. Training and repetition enable your team to avoid threats and act responsibly. We help clients implement and deliver training, to empower your team. We also support public presentations.

Annual Compliance Training – Privacy, Security, AI

Awareness, Strategy and Risk

Executive Training

Speaking Engagements and Support

Privacy Program Development & Operations

We support regulations across dozens of countries and states. See a full list, here.

AI Governance Program Development & Operations

Most existing AI regulation is based on state-level and national privacy regulations. Our approach is risk-centric, based on your priorities and direction. We enable responsible and ethical AI development. We can customize your risk management framework, incorporating a variety of existing frameworks, including the EU AI Act, NIST Risk Management Framework, ISO 42001, and more. See a full list, here.

Cyber Security Program Development and Operations

Whether your cyber security program is compliance oriented or risk-based, we’re here to help. We support cyber security frameworks that include the following: NIST CSF, HIPAA, CIS Controls, SOC 2, ISO27001 and more.